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These 100% beeswax pillars make a stunning wedding centerpiece or a beautiful addition to any celebration table. Perin-Mowen Pillars are available in light or dark natural beeswax. If you do not see the candle you are looking for call us (831) 425-4882.

4.5 inch Connoisser Pillar

4.5 inch x 4.5 inch (4.5CP)
Connoisseur Pillar
Wrapped in Cellophane

Light or Dark Natural Beeswax

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 6 inch Connoisseur Pillar

6" x 3.75" Connoisseur Pillar (shown)
9" x 3.75" Connoisseur Pillar
1 in a Box

6 or 9 inch Large Pillar
Light or Dark Natural

12-cp Connoisseur Pillar

12-CP 12 inch x 3.75 inch Connoisseur Pillar
15-CP 15 inch x 3.75 inch Connoisseur Pillar
No Box Wrapped in Cellophane

12" or 15" Connoisseur Pillars
Light or Dark Beeswax