bumble bee
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Bees in the wild create hives in a "beehive" shape. These hand rolled honeycomb beehive candles come in light or dark natural beeswax. Measurements are height by width at the base of the beehive. Most orders ship within two business days.

4inch Large Pillar

4 inch x 3 inch Beehive
1 Candle in Box

Light or Dark Natural Beeswax
 6 inch Beehive

6 inch x 3.75 inch Beehive Candle
1 in a Box, Light Natural Pictured

Light or Dark Natural Beeswax
8 inch Beehive Candle

8 inch x 4.75 inch Beehive
Dark Natural Beeswax Shown
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Light or Dark Natural Beeswax